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IIn 10 entertaining and educational short stories, each illustrated with a fanciful, A.I. -enhanced image, we take wildlife lovers, adventurers, and kids of all ages on imaginary and entertaining adventures around the world. On the pages of this eBook you will experience unique destinations through the eyes and voices of visiting wildlife crusaders. Click here to start your wildlife adventure.

Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom: Discovering the Power of Pictures

Unlike Rick Sammon's 39 other best-selling and photo-rich books, Photo Therapy Motivation and Wisdom – Discovering the Power of Pictures, has no photographs between the covers.

Paperback and Ebook

Photo Quest: Discovering Your Photographic & Artistic Voice

This book, Rick’s 41st, was written for photographers, as well as for all types of artists—because the lessons and philosophies on these pages are universal to all creatives. Like Photo Therapy, Photo Quest includes only words of wisdom motivation and inspiration. There are no photographs in this book.

Paperback and Ebook

How to Make Money While You are Sleeping: A Photographer’s Guide to Passive Income – And Other Savvy Business Strategies

Rick Sammon’s 43rd book, How to Make Money While You Are Sleeping: A Photographer’s Guide to Passive Income and Other Savvy Business Strategies, was inspired by this quote from Warren Buffett: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Paperback and Ebook

Photo Pursuit: Stories Behind the Photographs — A Travel Photographer’s Memoir

Who doesn’t like a good travel story, one that has a meaningful moral? Who doesn’t like to see captivating travel photographs—images that motivate and inspire? And who does not like going behind-the-scenes to learn what went into the making of a travel photograph?

Ebook only

Rick Sammon’s Creative Visualization for Photographers: Composition, exposure, lighting, learning, experimenting, setting goals, motivation and more

The difference between seeing and looking is essential―much like the difference, in music, between hearing and listening. 

Paperback and Ebook

Rick Sammon's Exploring Photographic Exposure: Master Image Capture

Light is the primary element of any photograph, but it may also be the most frustrating. Rick Sammon can help you eliminate those frustrations. With over 300 new images, Exploring Photographic Exposure takes you through the basics of exposure and how to apply them in any setting; from photographing wildlife to people, from landscapes to seascapes.

Paperback and Ebook

Rick Sammon's Evolution of an Image: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Creative Photographic Process

Rick Sammon’s Evolution of an Image illustrates the creative photographic process from start to finish. In this book, Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon pulls back the curtain to prove that creating amazing photographs is a well-thought-out process that involves several stages.

Paperback and Ebook

The Route 66 Photo Road Trip: How to Eat, Stay, Play, and Shoot Like a Pro

“Rick Sammon has a super power: he makes any photographic technique or concept simple to understand.” ― From legendary photographer Rick Sammon and his wife, Susan, The Route 66 Photo Road Trip is the perfect companion to enjoying and photographing everything that the country’s most famous highway has to offer, whether you’re hauling professional gear or just your phone!

Paperback and Ebook

The Oregon Coast Photo Road Trip: How To Eat, Stay, Play, and Shoot Like a Pro

Rick and Susan Sammon are back to share their seasoned photography and travel wisdom, this time guiding the reader through the remarkable landscapes and cultural treasures of the Oregon Coast, from Cannon Beach to Bandon Beach. Whether toting professional gear or just smartphones, travelers will find practical tips and expert knowledge on taking the best photos of the coast’s shorelines, rock faces, lighthouses, and more. 

Paperback and Ebook

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